We educate your patients so you don't have to.

RX5 coaching videos save you valuable time and improve patient satisfaction.

Free peer-reviewed patient education videos
We standardize health coaching for the most common metabolic conditions and save you the time of counseling and educating in the office.
Save time with RX5

Save an hour a day

You probably spend up to 25% of your clinical time educating patients, usually having the same discussion multiple times a day with different patients.

When you outsource patient education to RX5, you free up that time for more important things.

Expert authors

All of our coaching programs are authored by board-certified physicians with expert knowledge in the area you’re interested in.


Each coaching video is based on published clinical research, not opinions. You get facts that are both accurate and relevant to your area of interest.


Each coaching program is reviewed by multiple physicians to ensure that the information is presented accurately and clearly.

Accessible anywhere, anytime

Your patients get engaging content that they can access from any device, anywhere they choose.

We explain each diagnosis in simple language and follow it up with email support to encourage engagement and reinforce daily compliance with lifestyle change.

RX5 videos are clear and easy to understand by the layperson and physician alike. They provide thoroughly researched, evidence based tips on how to address common metabolic conditions.
Paritosh Khanna, MD
Clinical Associate Professor at
University of California, San Diego
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