Fitness Tips


How to Plan Your Nutrition Before, During and After a Workout

In our twenties we generally are looking to pound the protein to build lean muscle and work toward those ever-elusive six-pack abs. After we hit 40 or 50, few of us are aspiring to the six pack but we definitely want to stay trim, healthy, and toned. So as you’re working out, what’s the best way to support muscle building?

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The Four Phases of Fitness: Skills, Stamina, Strength, Power

When you’re just getting back into fitness, or if you are ramping up the intensity after a slow period, it’s easy to overdo it. So what’s the best way to increase your workouts without getting injured or feel sore? Think about your workout in four different phases. Each phase represents a goal of your workout, and reflects your experience in

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Here’s How to Do The Perfect Squat

Squatting is one of the most fundamental human movements and is critical to maintaining and maximizing functioning at any age. We put the squat to use every time we stand up from a chair, get out of the car, or finally climb up off the couch and turn off the television set. It is the most basic movement in our

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Do This 3 Times a Week To Prevent Shoulder Pain and Injury

A huge part of exercising is not getting hurt. You simply can’t get fit if you’re on the bench nursing a sore hamstring, twisted knee or a bad back. Injuries like these can derail your momentum, especially when you’re just getting started with exercise. One of the most important areas of the body to protect is your shoulders. In fact,

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Working Out While Traveling: 4 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

There’s nothing better than feeling the energy of a cross-training class in action…the heat, the sweat, the music, and the camaraderie that comes from working out shoulder-to-shoulder with your peers. Sadly, all too often work or vacation takes you to exotic (or not so exotic) locations where there is no ClubRX and no one to push you to stay on

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Why You Need Fitness Footwear You Can Pounce On

Recently I found myself at Midas asking my mechanic if quality really matters when it comes to tires. You can guess that I was secretly hoping that he would nudge me toward the discount rack. He responded with complete surprise at my question. The mere thought of me trusting my car and my family with anything but the best tires

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