Can You Add Red Yeast Rice to Your Smoothie?

Kicking off our Q&A Series, this question came in from one of our members: Can I open up my capsules of red yeast rice and add to a smoothie instead of taking them whole?

Absolutely. There’s nothing special about the red yeast rice capsule itself that enhances the effectiveness of your supplements. The only benefit to the capsule is that it defines the right dose and hides the taste as it gets swallowed whole. Most capsules are made of vegetable glycerin and dissolve as soon as they are swallowed, so your body won’t know the difference. Adding it, and other capsule supplements, to your smoothie can lower your pill count and enhance the power of your smoothie.

Red yeast rice is a natural supplement that lowers cholesterol through the same pathway as medications like Lipitor or Zocor. With the right supplement you can expect to get up to a 30% reduction in LDL (bad) cholesterol in just a few weeks, making cholesterol medications unnecessary in many cases.

So go ahead and open up a few capsules of red yeast rice into your smoothie to get a serious reduction in your cholesterol and keep your heart and brain healthy.

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